The history of Tessitura Carlo Papis is that of a small family business that has grown thanks to the humility, sacrifice and tenacity of those who founded it 70 years ago. It is now run by the third generation of the family, who still follow the founder's values.


After the difficult years of World War II, Carlo Papis, unemployed at the time and just under 20 years, decided to start his own business as a subcontractor to the big textile industries of Como. 
Following the purchase of two second-hand looms, Tessitura Carlo Papis was born, initially dedicated to the production of silk linings for umbrellas.


After a few years of timid expansion and improvised locations in which to place the new looms, Carlo Papis decided to build a factory, next to his home in Uggiate Trevano, which was able to accommodate about twenty looms and a warping apparatus. Ten years later, he added a further workshop and a large warehouse.


Although the production of plain fabrics, such as satin, crepe de chine, chiffon and other silk plain products, was thriving, there was a desire to experiment with new fabrics: the first Jacquard looms arrived at Tessitura Papis.


The textile industry was still booming and soon Carlo Papis realized that he had to build a new, larger building: the new home of Tessitura Carlo Papis was built a few hundred metres from the original one. 
In this same year, the generational change took place: the only son Luigi Papis took over, helped by his three older sisters Nilde, Anna and Mariangela.


Although the global economy was in great difficulty, Tessitura Papis didn't give up on its goals and built a new larger establishment, on a plot of land adjacent to the weaving factory.